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What is Plasma CBD?

Plasmatic magnetic fields are three dimensional, the movement of millions of dynamic magnetic fields that have come together. Interacting amino acids, proteins, muscles, bones, skin, blood are all different strength individual plasmas that combine to create the body.

Every physical object (electron, atom, grain of sand, plant, animal, human,planet, star, galaxy, universe, etc.) is an accumulation of magnetic fields .Harmonizing magnetic fields truly influence our bodies to synchronize to a healthy and happy being, we like to say “Optimized”.


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Our mission is to assist all! We are here to help you like no other company of the past. Our intentions are Optimizing lives with our products and affiliate marketing network.
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Quality QE Ingredients

Our QE Water Proprietary Blend includes energized distilled water, accurately cortexed, molecular hydrogen structured, alkaline, micro clustered, hexagonal structure, mineralized, (magnesium potassium, zinc, calcium, andioxidants) negative ions, quantum energy information with healing frequencies.

Mono-atomic ORME

Mono-atomic element structuring is the root of what we do. A common, metallic gold molecule is formed with atom clusters bound together by shared electrons. Upon breaking these bond, it is possible to isolate a single gold atom, or “mono-atomic gold”. The gold then sheds its metallic properties and takes on a powdered, ingestible form. This is necessary for the body to process the mineral as taking it in metallic form would cause heavy metal poisoning by the body while retaining their super conductivity. In essence “gold-plating” your central nervous system.

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